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BIJU UNNI, Founder & Managing Director

Biju founded Citadel in 2004. He has a wealth of experience totalling 12 years in the real estate space tagging him. Under Biju's leadership, Citadel has been successfully crossing milestones to strengthen its business destinations. In Bangalore, Biju has been the linchpin in finalizing numerous deals for multinational corporations and companies. He is a Masters in Personnel Management from Pune & holds an MBA, and is an avid golfer.

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Prasanna Rao

Prasanna holds over 7 years worth of valuable experience in the Real Estate & Construction Industry at various levels of management and is now a seasoned professional in the real estate domain. At Citadel, Prasanna has been sourcing and developing business opportunities for the expansion & growth of Citadel Group. He has been involved in the development of all our upcoming offices at various locations. He is a passionate cricketer and holds an MBA from Mangalore.

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Chris David

Chris has been responsible for research and development, and setting exemplary business standards along with improving long term relationships with Multinational Corporations. With a total of 4 years of experience in the real estate domain, he has also been involved in building business network for Citadel's development over the years. Chris holds an MBA from Chennai and plays the guitar when he is not busy developing new avenues for business expansion.

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S C Unni

Unni has been instrumental in finalizing numerous spaces of high net worth individuals and has also been involved in overlooking the entire Business Development activities of Citadel. Unni has 6 years of experience behind him and holds a Diploma in Electronics from Chennai.

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Priyanka Raj

Priyanka has over 2 years worth of valuable experience in the Real Estate space. At Citadel, Priyanka has been influential in developing new avenues for business expansion over the years. She has been actively involved in building long term relationships with multinational corporations. Priyanka is an avid travel enthusiast, loves trekking and adventure sports. She holds a BE degree in Information Science from Jain College, Bangalore

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